Do we need toys and games?

When we think back to our childhood, one thing will always stand out in our happy memories – the toys and games that we used to own as children. Perhaps this is no surprise; recent studies have indicated that the kind of toys and games that we played with when we were young may have helped to shape the kind of person that we eventually became. Toys and games are not only fun things to play with – they can also be great educational tools – for example; simple games can help to stimulate the mind and an array of colours and shapes can help younger children to learn more about the world around them.

Over the decades, the toys and games that we see on sale in shops have changed dramatically. Traditional toys have been replaced somewhat by advanced technology counterparts – with video gaming becoming more popular than ever before, we can forget the simple joy to be had from playing with traditional toys, such as yo-yo’s and baby dolls. However, many people will see this advancement in technology as a good thing – there are now more toys and games to choose from than ever before, and they’re not just for kids! Many adults are also fascinated by the many new items on offer.

Every year there seems to be a brand new ‘must have’ toy or game – the one item that every parent scrambles to get for their child at Christmas or for their birthday. From simple wooden toys to building sets and advanced electronic games – throughout the years there always seems to be an item that all of the children want! We may even keep some of these items stored away, long after our kids have grown up – after all, some toys and games can increase substantially in value over the years, especially if they are limited or very hard to get hold of.

One thing is for sure, toys and games are set to be an important part of our lives, and the lives of our children, for many years to come. Fashions will change and technology will continue to evolve, but this doesn’t necessarily herald the end of traditional toys and games. In fact, with all of the advanced technologies now available, many children may find themselves drawn to more simple activities, such as board games or the humble skipping rope. To this end, toys and games can be passed down through the years for future generations to enjoy.