Fluffy Slime, 6 OZ (Multicolored 4) Stretchy & Soft Scented Non-sticky Stress Relief No Borax Sensory Play Sludge Toy for Kids & Adults

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Manufacturer Description

7 Ounce Fluffy Slime Sensory Play Stress Relief Toy for Kids & Adults
LOYO slime is a sensory toy that kids and adults are obsessed with. LOYO Fluffy Slime is super squishy, stretchy, soft, fluffy.It's easy to play with, molding is fun and the texture that is a kind of Jelly is nice to play around and help you to relief stress. What's more, you can shape it anyway, stretch it, Endless possibilities! If you haven't tried Loyo Slime, you're missing out! This is the most popular products now!

Why Choose Loyo Slime?
Loyo Putty Slime is super stretchy, soft, fluffy and fun to play with!
Less Sticky - so no worry of slime sticking your hands.
Non Toxic, Non-irritating to the skin or eyes, NO damage to clothing, upholstery, fabric, or carpeting.
7 Ounce Fluffy Slime is included in a premium plastic container.
You can add whatever add-ons you desire such as glitter, foam beads, scented oil, and food dye; You can add shaving cream to make it fluffy, corn starch to make it spreadable (buttery).

Specifications for Loyo Slime Fluffy:
Color: Pink, Blue, Snow White
Weight: 7 Ounce(200g)
Packaging: 1 nice plastic container
Ingredients: Water, polymeric materials, gelling agents, colorants, fillers, and preservatives(SLIME IS NOT EDIBLE)
Usage: Squeeze, fold, roll, and pull the slime to have great fun

Care Instructions:
We recommend that slime is stored in container after using. It is best kept our of direct sunlight and kept at room temperature. To be used on clean dry surfaces and not for extended periods of time. Please wash hands before and after use. Not for the use of younger children without adult supervision. A patch test should be carried out 24hrs prior to use. If reaction occurs, please do not use. Pva glue can be added to slime that has dried out alightly(small amount at a time).

Product Features

★Less Sticky Than Others' Fluffy Slime: Other seller' putty slime is very sticky you can barely get it off your hands, so try ours to get rid of stickiness. ★Lots of Fun to Relief Stress: As you squeeze, fold, roll, and pull the slime, It's great for realizing stress and just for having something fun to entertain your hands! Amazing texture, clicky, satisfying bubble sounds and fun to poke with. ★Great Value: More Slime with lower price than other sellers, 6OZ slime in a nice container. You can shape it into different molds, such as icecream, cakes, With a plastic container, you can store fluffy slime after playing and re-use it next time. Pls store it into container immediately after using so that it can't become dry. ★Extra Usages: Add whatever add-ons you desire such as glitter, foam beads, scented oil, and food dye; You can add shaving cream to make it fluffy, corn starch to make it spreadable (buttery). ★Safe & Non Toxic: Loyo stress slime is nonirritating to the skin or eyes and non-toxic in case of ingestion. Additionally, our slime will not damage things like clothing, upholstery, fabric, or carpeting. SLIME IS NOT EDIBLE.

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